Juice is amazing!

It’s amazing how juicing benefits your body and health

“SPUD’s one-click juicing boxes have been fantastic. The most important thing for me is that they’ve saved me time.”

You love the benefits of fresh juice, but your time is precious. That’s where we come in. When you join SPUD’s organic Juicing Club, you get your produce (and a juicer!) delivered right to your door. Here’s what our customers love about the program:

1) Improved Health

Drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice is a simple and delicious way to improve your health and vitality!

  • Maximized micronutrients and enzymes in an easily absorbed and digested form.
  • Minimal heat and no time spent on a shelf, which means your juices contain far more valuable live enzymes than any store-bought juice.

2) Saving Money

Purchasing a high-end juicer and organic produce in bulk can be incredibly costly. The same goes for buying fresh juice at your local juice bar or grocery store. With our Juicing Club, you can own a juicer with no upfront cost, and experience long-term savings on SPUD’s 100% organic produce!

  • Fresh juice from your local juice bar costs between $7 and $10 a glass. Juice with us, and you’ll save you up to $5 per glass!
  • Get your juicer right away.

3) Quick and Easy

We make it simple.

  • Don’t run out of your favorite ingredients. We offer one-click juicing solutions expertly selected by our produce buyers, so you don’t have to fuss at the grocery store.
  • Our juicers have maximum efficiency and high juice yield. Wash your produce, toss it in the chute, and have a glass of fresh juice in no time.
  • In a rush? Our juicers are quick to assemble and disassemble, and are easy to clean.
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