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I had to go pick up a few groceries from Thrifty’s (last minute dinner invite) and I can say that I really do not miss grocery shopping. It really made me remember how much time and hassle it is; so convenient to be a SPUD customer. I looked at some of the prices, and they are comparable, if not more, than the items SPUD carry.

A “Super-duper” thanks to all of you!

—Rolanne and Barry

Joining SPUD was probably the smartest decision my husband and I could have made. We are healthier than ever, and are creating more of a demand for local, organic food – we are making our vote count and are encouraging everyone we know to follow suit! THANK YOU!!!!

—Chris and Raena C

It started out small, letting SPUD tote the heavy stuff like almond milk and potatoes. Then a couple of sale items to entice me to go further. Pretty soon it was a weekly affair. Then SPUD started to show its other dimensions…its helpfulness in collecting for the Christmas Bureau while making it easy for me by supplying a list of the five most requested items…now they’re showing their compassion again by collecting for a downtown women’s shelter. I love SPUD. 🙂

—Julia S

I don’t like shopping for groceries unless they are in some open market on a beautiful day. I don’t want all the processed foods on the shelves…I don’t even like the lighting in a grocery store.

I have been using SPUD delivery for around a year now. I cannot say enough good things about them. They carry all tasty and healthy options. Prepared foods don’t equal “processed foods” with SPUD.

They have access to brands I would have to hunt for or would never know about in the big grocery stores. Really quality local brands…you feel like you’re buying from the farmer up the road. The food has flavour.

I see SPUD as moderately priced considering the time and money it would cost me to go find this stuff all over town myself.

Also, I can change my online order pretty close to the delivery/order deadline. There have been very very few things I wanted to buy that they didn’t have, and best of all, they deliver. I have been in that nasty grocery store lighting maybe a hand full of times since SPUD came into my life. I love them!

—Mickey B

We’ve been ordering from SPUD for a couple of years now and it’s been awesome. Everything is organic which is important with my kidney issues. All our produce is the best possible because it’s hand picked for our order.

If you don’t like something or a mistake was made on your order just let them know and they will find a way to make up for it.

As I am sick, I often can’t leave the house for days or even weeks at a time. Having SPUD deliver food every weeks means that no matter what we always have fresh food. This is a great service for sick, injured or just plain busy people.

—Starsia M.

SPUD really deserves a shout out, so here goes!

My first order came last Thursday, and my second order came last night. The food is fabulous and fresh; I’ve had the same SPUD rep deliver both my orders and he is such a pleasant guy.

Some people worry about the price, but I honestly think it’s not that much–especially considering that you get fresh organic groceries delivered to your door (free of charge for orders over $35). Man, I hate grocery shopping; this is perfect for me. My stellar math skills show me that I could spend $160/month at SPUD and have most of my produce + some other items for the month based on my family of 2 adults and 1 three year old.

Already I am feeling healthier for this decision. Our family of three has been eating almost entirely veggies, fruits, and home-cooked meals. I definitely recommend SPUD, it’s just better in so many ways.


I got a juicer for Chistmas and I’ve set a resolution to use it a lot. That means LOTS and LOTS of vegetables. Although I’ve known about SPUD for a while, I never really considered using them until I got faced with the realities of buying and hauling all that produce home….I like the systems they have with reward points–I’m already close to getting $10 off!

– Cori B

Hi, I just received my most recent order and there was a card inside that said feedback is welcome.  I just wanted to say that I’m very happy every time I interact with SPUD, from the website to delivery and every step in between.  I especially like how the company seems to add a personal touch with funny emails and the card left in the order to say who delivered and the first names of who to contact.  A while back, my order was corrected and there was a little bath bomb added as a gift!  I was delighted!  It’s the little things that make a personal connection.  I will continue to tell EVERYONE I know to sign up.

Keep up the great work, SPUD!

—Candice R

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